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Describing King Raghu's conquest of the four corners of India, great ancient poet of India, Kalidasa, in his epic poetry in Sanskrit, Raghivansh, equates the mountain range of Western Ghats to a comely young girl. Beauty apart, Western Ghats today is the most significant repository of India’s biodiversity. Older than Himalaya, Western Ghats scores in harboring a larger number of species restricted to India alone. Not only are the Western Ghats is the biological treasure troves, they are also two of the world’s biodiversity hot spots, a hot spot being a biodiversity-‐rich area that is also under a high degree of threat. 

When in July 2012 UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee inscribed 39 sites in the Western Ghats as World Heritage sites, it was a proud moment for all those whose lives depend directly or indirectly on the Eco services provided by the Western Ghats.  

We, from TERRE POLICY CENTER and RAANWAATA, have followed the process of the inscription of these sites as World Heritage sites. We certainly have significant and unique opportunity to leverage the inscription for the sustainable living of the local community and the well being and development of the people around. 

This web site is the contribution to achieve that goal. It will be one window facility to get information on the World Heritage Sites of the Western Ghats. It also invites you to join the movement of protecting our degraded environment to protect us and our generations to come. 



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