It has been barely a decade when some of us friends were at the meeting for Conservation of Nature. Each of us were busy in our job and profession but each opined to do something. The brain storming that followed, threw up many ideas. Finally with the hope of coordinating individual as well as community efforts, we decided to form ‘Raanwaata’. (Meaning Pathways to jungle.)  afasfas

The moment you take this path gone is the tar road and you are in the midst of hills, jungle, lakes, rivers and an ecosystem teeming with life. The sky above is studded with planets, stars, galaxies, comets and other such unearthly beauties.

Raanwaata’ formed many sub committees and each contributed its own small share. Soon we had ‘save fuel’ cycle rallies, tree plantation drives, eco friendly notebooks, sky watch program, treks, wildlife watching and many more activities to follow....... So join this movement to save our planet.

"TERRE Policy Center"

TERRE is a non - profit, non - partisan and independent organization dedicated to the sustainable solutions to our developmental imperatives. Our motto is: "To think is good but to act is better."

TERRE also is the abbreviation for ‘Technology, Education, Research and Rehabilitation for the Environment.’These four tools make-up our ‘environmental kit’ to carry on the work by respecting the value of our ecosystem. With help of this tool box we strive to reach all the strata of the society, particularly young generation and people at the bottom of the pyramid.

TERRE in French means the Earth. The Earth is our only home in this vast universe. That itself is strong enough reason that we take care of it.