Social Message

World Natural Heritage is our shared legacy. It is also our shared responsibility to conserve, preserve and manage these sites for our own sustainable living. While more than 300 million people are directly dependent on the Western Ghats and its ecosystems, whole of Indian population of 1.2 billion benefits from the Western Ghats as it is the annual host for the anxiously awaited guest i.e. monsoon. As the World Heritage Convention of UNESCO celebrates its 40th anniversary, we in Western Ghats have been gifted with the inscription of 39 sites as World Heritage Sites in our Western Ghats by the decision of the World Heritage Committee of the UNESCO in July 2012.

We have little time left to save the ecosystems of the Western Ghats. They are essential for the local communities
and all those who depend on the Western Ghats, directly and indirectly. Let us volunteer to act, get involved to spread the message, visit the sites in the responsible manner to prevent the further damage.

As the 14th Stanza of the Prithvi-sukta, 12th Chapter of Atharva Veda states, let us get charged with positive force to impel all the ill-will and aggressive intention’ to degrade the Mother Earth (Prithvi) and to eliminate our existence.


Mr. Rajendra Shende (Chairman, TERRE)