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The Western Ghats are home to over 5000 species of flowering plants, nearly 1700 of which are found no where else in the world..
The plateau pf kaas enjoys the status of being one of the 'Vally of Flowers' of sahyadris. the ephemeral, herbs, bulbous, tuberous plants profusely flower during the monsoon. Orchids are particularly spell bound. This flowering occurs in succession week after week.
The never-ending tableland looks like a colorful carpet woven with an endless variety of flora, a botanist's paradise, a photographer's dream & a treasure-house of biodiversity! Man has failed to appreciate the value of natural wealth.
Convert this 'hotspot' to 'Biodiversity Bright spot'! This is possible only if everyone visiting this region understands and value this wonderful heritage we are blessed with. The first step in learning to love nature is to appreciate it, and the pages of this book take you on a visual journey to this extraordinary region.
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